control room and direct monitoring

Can the CR be used in direct monitoring mode, and is there a way to toggle between track monitoring options?
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1:yes, its possible to use CR and Cues in direct monitoring mode with your sound cards.

2: what do you mean by " is there a way to toggle between track monitoring options" ?

That being said, I recall reading somewhere that it is possible to do this with the MR & UR series interfaces. I have tried to get this officially confirmed (on this forum as well as from the support) but, so far, hasn’t received any reply at all.

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Curious to know what is meant by “controlling direct monitoring features” I use C7.5 with the UR824, everything is controlled from within Cubase itself including Cue monitoring Levels and Cue FX send for the input. Perhaps you were referring to whether the direct monitoring could be turned OFF for,having guitar fx as an input insert perhaps, this can be done from the Device Setup menu and does work “on the fly” Not sure if I have the right end of the stick here though!!!

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Thanks for the replies, the utube CR video shows that you can use insert effects that will effect the incoming signal, which leads me to believe that C 7 is not in DM mode. I use a UR28m and I need to record in DM mode but would like to use the CR so I can track listening to headphone 2 and listen back to what I have just recorded in my main monitors. As to the monitoring question, I should have asked if I can use a shortcut key to toggle channel monitoring on & off. I can’t find a shortcut for this in the keys dialog. Maybe with track controls?
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What you describe is basically how I do it as well although for various reasons I would suggest you use Phones 1(i.e. Mix 1) for your Cue and Phones 2 for the Engineer phones. Main reason here is that the Phones 1 are fixed to Mix 1 and Phones 2 can be switched between mixes as desired.
Don’t know if this switching can be accomplished with a KC, I’m content with mouse clicks in the CR.

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Just checked, I do have a KC which opens the Headphone routing of the UR28M. :wink:

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I have CB 7.5 and am getting latency with the UR824 interface. I tried toggling direct monitoring on and off but no difference. Does anyone know what im missing here?

Pep I try turning DR on, close CB even try rebooting the PC open CB if that doesn’t work get back to me and we will troubleshoot further. Remember, when you DM, you are not going into CBN at all, you just are able to control the UR from within CB.