Control Room and improved performance?

Hello all,

I started using Cubase on LE 4 and have upgraded to every new version as it came out, but I had never used the control room function as I didn’t really need to.
Recently, because of the VST connect SE update in CP 8, I have to use the control room so I have had to learn all the bells and whistles that the control room offers :smiley:
So here is the thing, I was playing around last night, creating a 4 minute track using 4 different guitar audio tracks and 1 GA SE drum track together, and I noticed that the VST performance meter (which usually sits around the 25% mark) was not moving at all? :astonished:
On the audio tracks I had FX inserts, strip inserts, eq etc., plus I had a group FX track and VCA fader, plus sends and cue sends all activated and on the GA SE I had a sends, cue sends and inserts all working.
Usually, when I put on a GA SE (or Halion Sonic) track the VST performance meter starts to goes high (anywhere between 25-75%ish) so I normally render the track, but surprisingly, now that is not necessary.
Obviously I am not complaining about this because it is working to my benefit, but I am intrigued! Does anyone know if, by using the control room mixer, you would expect get a vastly improved (reduced to 0% :smiley: ) VST performance usage?

A very happy Jim B

Since installing CB8 tracks/instruments that may have loaded a CPU to around 25% now appear to be almost idle - I would have thought surely a VST requires the CPU it requires? - I can only surmise that CB8 has fixed a fundamental problem where CPU was being consumed by Cubase on top of the given VST - which no longer happens. I was astonished by the drop in CPU usage observed and it appears not all users have had the same experience! Which is odd.

Hi PeppaPig,

Thanks for confirming what I have been seeing.
From what you say you have been seeing the same results that I have so it must be the programs and nothing I am :cry: doing.


Jim B

Teach us about control room

Hi Leonard,

The reason I had to get my head around the control room is because it is now an important part of the VST connect SE, so I had to use it!!

As far as all the control room features are concerned, I would suggest that maybe the best way to get your head around them is to go through the same process I did.

I printed off the relevant section of the manual and then spent over 20 hours going through all the permutations possible in all the different areas ( such as control room mixer, vst connections, cue sends, monitor versus headphones, which things to click to get the result I was looking for etc., etc.)
I used old projects, to see how all the different functions worked and also recorded new 3 / 4 track audio projects to see if the control was better than not using it!!

It is, at times, a frustrating journey but believe me everything I learned (or rejected) has stuck and I am totally at home with all the features now.

You can see from my sig that my set up may not be as sophisticated as yours but I would figure that the processes will be the same.

If you are prepared to spend some time learning then you will definitely reap the benefits!!

Good luck,

Jim B

Thank you Mr. B.

I will definitely continue to dive into this part of Cubase. Even though I don’t do much recording but it seem to be necessary for future needs.

thank you