Control Room Audio Connections not loading [SOLVED]

  • I upgraded from 9.5 to 10.0.15.
  • Copied 9.5 user settings.
  • Opened my usual template to verify installation
  • All Audio Connections were missing. So I loaded my Audio Connections presets (Input, Output, Control Room CR).
  • Saved a new version of my template.
  • Now when I open a new project using that template the CR audio connections are once again missing. The other connections (Input and Output) are fine.
  • Also strange is that the drop-down of CR Connection presets shows several that are named “Default”. I’ve attached a screenshot.
  • Tried saving a new preset for the CR audio connections and then saving the template. Still does not get loaded.

Any ideas?


Hi and welcome,

Does your Cubase quit properly? Isn’t there a silent crash while quit? Can you find any crash dump file (located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder)?

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your message.

Cubase does not seem to crash when quitting and the CrashDumps folder is empty.



The same issue continues… losing Control Room settings. However what I am noticing now is the exploding size of the ControlRoomPresets.pxml file.

Under 9.5 its around 560 KB. I used that to replace the one in the Cubase 10-64 folder. I opened up Cubase, loaded my latest template and then just QUIT.

At first the pxml file goes to 0 KB then after a few moments (Cubase still quitting) the pxml file file grew to 29,651KB!!!

Not 100% sure why this worked but it did/does.

I was trying to bring over my settings from 9.5 and in order not to trash the original files (mainly RAMPresets.xml and ControlRoomPresets.pxml) I would rename the V10 files to xRAMPresets.xml and xControlRoomPresets,pxml - leaving them in the Preset folder - and then copy the 9.5 files over to the same folder (Presets).

I suspected that Cubase looks for any file with ControlRoomPreset in that folder and gets messed up and loses the Control Room connections-

So I removed all my “renamed/saved” files from that folder and then copied over the 9.5 versions.

And now Cubase functions as expected, recalling all the Audio Connections settings!

TL;DR Don’t leave trash in the Preset Folder :smiley:

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My recently discovered solution may also be useful to other folks who run into this issue:

I found all my old presets contained in the XML file under the name RAMPresets.xml. In WIndows this is located in C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\your_cubase_version\Presets.

I upgraded from Version 11 to Version 12. I went to the location above in version 12 and made a copy of the RAMPresets.xml in Version 12 as it came with the system. Then I went to the same location in Version 11, copied the RAMPresets.xml from version 11 and pasted it to the same location in Version 12 over riding the one there (remember to copy the original before you do this). This copied the presets that I had done in version 11 to version 12.

I started Cubase Version 12, and all my presets where there. Hope this helps other. Tommy