Control Room bass management & speaker delay for Atmos

Was using a surround controller for bass management & speaker delay. Will now be going to Atmos so will need to find a different solution. Will be using an RME Digiface Dante audio card and a Ferrofish A32 Dante as my converter, so I will need to handle bass management & speaker delays in Nuendo Control Room. Anyone doing this that could give me some guidance or their CR setup?

For 5.1 surround I used to use the included bass management plugin for this in Control Room (I don’t any longer), I still use the mixer delay plugin to adjust for distance and also level fine tuning (5.1).

Bass Manager (

MixerDelay (

I needed a little more flexibility than the Nuendo plugin offered so I bought and use this. My side speakers need a little help in the low end so this plugin fit the bill.

This is a good video on how to setup your delays. Comes with a Nuendo project to download as well.

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Thanks for the info. Regarding the Voxengo BMS description says it’s for up to a 7.1 system. Are you using it for Atmos?

I just measured the distance to each speaker. Seemed a bit easier.

Yes I am. I’m just using it to send the low end info from the side speakers to the subwoofer. In the monitor section only of course.

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For 7.1 or 7.1.4 docu or film work you can be a little lenient and sum 5 omni at 2 to 3 square feet area.
we also have a presets for distance, outdoor, close, in room and close to create the Atmos immersion…
You can also insert mixerdealy to each beds by adding 10 25 40 and 60 ms delays to recreate the soundscape esp for documentary work where music is used minimally.
I think it should also work wonders for Music.

I did that too. It was interesting comparing results. :slightly_smiling_face:

What did you find when you compared? I’d be inclined to just measure myself.

They were very close but the left right was a little different which surprised me.

This link will take you to the Dolby Renderer documentation.

If you download the software and unzip it there are .pdf’s on installation and use.

I have inquired to Dolby as to definitive track names and numbers.

When my new system is set up and running I look forward to sharing with you what I learn…steve

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I should add that in he days of old, e.g. 1970s the only delay added was for the surrounds to sync them up with the front speakers in large theaters.

When I mixed a film e.g. Star Wars, I always added delay to the surround send to get a delay panning effect. The mixes were 3…1 - the sub track came after and was on the 6-trk 70mm print and a plug in card for the CP-50 and CP-100. The original sub track I had a 12db per octave filter on at 150 hZ. I find that produces a more interesting ‘boom’ track as it has more LF harmonics. …s

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