Control room change from 8 to 8.5?


Im a missing something here. Now in 8.5 When I have cues activated. Only thing I see is 8 slots for plugins. But the other controls in 8 seems to be missing?

There are ‘folded’ sections like the Inspector in the project window. The headers can be clicked and they will unfold or open below to reveal extra controls. Also there are 4 tabs in the control room window that show different things, 2 top, 2 bottom. Hope this helps you.


Here are the two control room views of 8 and 8.5

As you can see many functions in 8.5 are missing. Any thoughts?
cubase 8.5.15.jpg
Cubase 8.0.jpg

Choose ‘Mixer’ view/tab in both; bottom of Control Room window…

Oh many thanks, my bad :smiley: there it was.