Control room changes in 7.5.2 update? Help

Did the control room completely change GUI in the latest cubase update? Also I had plugins on my monitors that I can no longer activate, and they seem to be stuck in a slot with no way to remove them (clicking the triangle to the right of the plugin does nothing)

Any ideas how to either get these plugins to work again or how to remove them? Anyone else have stuck plugins now in their control room monitors? Also what “enhancements” other than just a new GUI were made in the control room?

Thanks in advance for your help and reply.

Help menu>Documentation>New Features in C7.5

Regarding plug-ins in Control Room, what happens if you start with an Empty project template?

Same problem with an empty project as the control room still has the plugins loaded - which normally is GREAT! However since the plugins that are inserted won’t open now, its a real problem. Whats odd is I can add a new instance of the same plugin in an empty slot and it works perfectly, so something happened in the update that is causing this.

Going to look up how to trash my control room prefs and see what happens.

edit: looks like resetting up the “studio” tab in the VST connections will do the trick. Kind of a drag I have to do this due to some sort of glitch in the update, but I’ll just save it as a new preset and move on. :smiley:

Here are a couple of useful links:[productfamily]=10