Control Room Click Bug?

I use the control room, having the control room channel and one studio channel for my headphone mix.

I activate click on both channels.

When I route the studio channel to the control room channel, the studio channel click gets routed to the control room channel, too, added to the click of the control room channel, resulting in a click of double volume.

Shouldn’t the signal of the studio channel get routed to the control room channel BEFORE the studio channel click?

On my system it works good…

I confirm that behavior, but I wouldn’t consider it to be a bug… Surely, the main purpose of routing Studio output to the Control Room Monitor input, is for the engineer to verify what is being sent to each Studio output… including its click (which is why each Studio Output has its own level control for the click).
Or, maybe, after all, I do agree with you, that, when switching the Control Room’s Monitor input from “Mix” to one of the Studio outputs, it should automatically mute the Monitor’s click… but that is only because I can’t think why one would want both. But, to cover all possibilities, I think it is probably best as it is now :wink:.