Control room configuration is mono only

Hey, guys.

For some reason, in newly created projects the control room is set to mono only. Monitor 1 is in fact pointed to a stereo bus, but the control room panel is locked to mono. If I try to add an additional downmix mono is my only option because from mono there’s nowhere to go, so it truly things the stereo output bus is mono.

If I disable the control room and assign my stereo bus the two busses that were being used by the control room, everything plays in stereo and behaves normally. The mono problem is control room only.

Oddly enough some of my old projects open and behave just fine with the same control room settings showing a stereo bus.

Anyone have any idea of what I’m missing here?


No idea. But Control Room is global, it’s not project related.

Thanks, Martin.

Creating a new project from scratch solved the problem at hand, so while the Control Room may be global, it appears that project level data can cause it to become disoriented.