Control room cue config question?

Prior to C7 I’d ignored the control room. But after seeing the new video on it decided it made sense to take the plunge. I’ve already got 3 dedicated cue monitors set up. But I have a question regarding the fourth.

I’ve got two output channels from my audio interface that are going to a patch bay. On occasion I’d like to use those for the fourth cue, but at other times I’d like to use them to connect to output gear. In VST-connections I can assign those channels on either the Output tab or the Studio but not both. Any thoughts on how to configure this for maximum flexibility?

As far as I understood the whole thing, using Cue channels doesn’t allow you to configure them as such. But using monitors ones does, provided that you deactivate the ‘Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels’ option in the ‘VST/Control room’ preferences page. Worth a check…

Can’t tell you a lot more about it as I only used monitors channels until now and, believe me, I already had to seriously scratch my head about how to configure these in a useful way and about their compatibility with my E-Mu audiodevice routing procedures.