Control room cue effects on 7.5

This may be a silly question. In the past we could add effects to the control room cues, has that been removed in 7.5 control room? I see it was in version 7. Could it be a preference setting some where?



If you have the Control room window open just make sure you have the Control room tab clicked on the (top left) and on the bottom right you will see the setup tab. Effects can be added to your mains, monitors, cues etc. If you don’t see the slots for the effects just click on your Cue 1, 2 etc. and the slots will reveal themselves. I think the new layout for the Control Room is a huge improvement over C7.0.

Thanks for the reply it helped me out. I figured it was easy. Yes the new layout is real nice. This was my first session with and I am still fumbling around a bit. Thanks again.