Control room default to TB active?

  1. The control room set up is always default for all 4 ST channels to have the Talk-back on/off to be ON, including on any restart of the program, or just recall of the control room setting.

Any way to stop it or to have it default to off, or even better default for ON only on 1 channel?

  1. When ever I activate the control room Talkback button, I lose my main ST output, and need to go back to the control room setting page to recall the setting.

Anyone can confirm that they got the same issues?

Seems to work normally here. If I activate only the TB button on Cue Send 1 and leave the others off, save the project, and exit N6.5, when I relaunch the project that is what I get - TB only active for Cue Send 1.

Not sure about your item 2. as I never use it - I use a hardware Talkback system.