Control room design request

This post concerns the control room design, it’s very nice already but maybe it can be even better?

I added a picture of “my ideal control room” to show you what it would look like, and I think it would not be very hard to get this implemented, because all the ingredients are already there:

1.The communication in a studio is always a problem, even with a talkback system like the one in the controloom.

Why? the musicians dont have their own talkback, if they don’t sing (drummers, guitar players, etc), so they can’t talk back to the control room, and if you use extra mikes for this they blurr the sound when playing so you would have to switch them off everytime you want to start playing music (especially with drums or loud guitars…)

The way to solve this: ad extra talkback channels for each studio, with studio and control room sends. This way everybody in the studio can communicate with eachother, and the intercom mikes never can be fed (accidentialy) to the mix buss (you don’t want intercom sound on your master by mistake)

Notice you can’t send the control room mike to the control room (…). In case there are more people in a room, it can be handy to send the talkback mike at a low level to the same studio, if you would use an omni mike, you would be able to create a “talk” environement for everyone while not playing.

Now if you would insert compressors for each talkback channel,and a ducker keyed by the stereomix, you could create an automated intercom for everybody; if everyone is silent, you can talk, if someone starts playing, the intercom ducks. with slow release settings the intercom even automaticly “fades in” at the end of a song. This is the way I used to have things setup in my old analog studio, and it worked great!

  1. headphone mixes in a studio typicaly contain the stereomix, with or without click, and as an extra usualy the musicians want some more “me”.

This is is not possible now, there is no studiosend on the main mix output, and/or you can’t use mix and aux simultaneously on the studio-strip in the control room panel.

The changes in this design are: no more toggle but simple on/off switches with adjustable level for aux, mix and external inputs.

Now it’s far more convenient to adjust the studiomixes directly from the control room panel!

I know there is another way to create “full” mixes (right mouse click on studio, various options) but what if you have an insert in the stereobuss that changes the sound of the mix?
And isn’t this a much easier way?

Nice Idea :smiley: +1

YEP!!! +1!!
works for me… NICE idea :slight_smile:

Great suggestions!


Aloha jb,
Nice work.

I’d go for that as well.


But then how can you tell the drummer to shut up? :laughing:

A blast of a 1KHz test tone at 0db in their cans usually does the trick :wink:

Leave the talkback on while the rest of the band discuss getting a new drummer :open_mouth:

Don’t connect the ducker to the control room talkback. Now you can still shout at everybody from there… :mrgreen: