Control Room - Disabling the +6db level. Need 0db as maximumMaximum. Is that possible?

Hi Guys. Control Room levels (also headphones) could be driven up to +6db, but is it possible to set it to ZERO DB (0) as max level?

thx a lot.

If you mean the fader settings - No.
You can insert a plugin and attenuate it by 6 dB, then control room fader level +6dB equal 0dB - depending on what you actually want to achieve of course.
If Ou are talking about volume levels then obviously a Brickwall limiter is the way to go.

Yes, I am talking about the volume knob… which is up to 6db. Yes, I know that, I can insert leveler plugin (with -6db) before the monitoring reaches plus 6db, but I am asking for straight and simple solution. So plugin only? :frowning:((

Ok, thx.

p.s. you asked why. I am digitally connected to my audio monitors, and any level above 0db is clipping, distorted etc.

Hi you, as already mentioned this is not possible except you use a workaround.

You dont need an additional Plugin I think: I believe you can attenuate using the MixConvert that sits in the chain anyways.

Cheers, ernst
PS.: I see your “pain” :slight_smile:… the problem is that actually the gain reduction should be availabe on the inputside of your digital monitor speaker (input gain).
I also recommend that you have a look into level settings generally - e.g. reading about the K-system. You will find that you are most likely having far too hot signals anyways. For various reasons.

As Elien says…K-system is something you should read up on. Only thing you will require is a decibel meter at C weighting for setting your monitors. Headroom is your freind, K20 and K14 used properly will give you the headroom for mixing and mastering at optimal levels.

If you are going above 0db output in the control room…too hot!


…and many Kudos to Bob Katz for this system. I luv it.

Optimally, during the tracking/arranging stage, it’s best to keep your gain staging conservative. K20 is, imo, ideal for this purpose. You may also notice that many plugins are already in the red when you’re arranging at what I’m going to call final-delivery levels.

K-System meters come as options with a variety of pro metering plugs. The K system meters that come with RME Digicheck are the best I’ve ever seen. I get immediate visual feedback if I’ve exceeded the K20 RMS level and I know to back-it-off.

I may be old school in that I work in 2 stages. I render a pre-master at the conservative K20 level and then create a separate mastering project and bring the 2 mix up to delivery level. K12 seems to be the preferred final delivery level for 99% of my clients.

Guys… weird thing happened. I just reinstalled my computer and installed the same version of Nuendo… and instead of having 6db maximum level for control room, now I have 12db?? What happened? Can I change it back?

Project setup.

hell yeah :wink: thx. But why is that in project setup… weird, it should be in preferences :wink:

Thx a lot.

It definitely should not be in preferences.