Control Room enabling crushes Cubase 12

Hi guys. I’m running MacBook pro 10.15.7, Cubase 12.052. When I’m tryin to Enable CR (control room) Cubase crushes. Launching in safe mode and disabling program preferences did’t solve the issue. I’ve reinstalling Cubase (twice). The only way can use CR is during safe mode when all 3rd plugins disabled but when I launch in normal mode then cubase crushes when its initializing control room. PS. I don’'t have any plugins on my channels .
First this issue started when I was using Cubase 11 and that issue is inherited to version 12. Also Crossfade suddenly stoped working but it does work in safe mode with disabled program preferences. But I need al my other preferences.
Please advise.

I’d contact Support. Include the .dmp file and add a system info file as well.
Meanwhile, you could upload a .dmp file on this forum and some clever guy will have a look.

For now I’d recommend reading this article and check whether you can ‘optimize’ your system.

Performing a clean Windows installation might solve the problem as well …
Often crashes are caused by VST plugins and USB devices/connections>

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Thank you. Will upload file here as well.