Control Room Fader

Perhaps I’m missing something, but can someone tell me whether it’s possible to remote control the Control Room volume?

Also, am I the only user sorely missing having a nice graphic fader instead of the little horizontal rectangle that is used in C7?

The control room volume can be remote controlled with the CMC-AI.
I am also not such a fan of horizontal sliding ribbons especially for que mixes sends and such - well everything really in fact. In previous versions you could click with the Alt key and it would give you a decent vertical fader (you can still see this in the inspector and the transport volume control - but I guess they’ll too be gone when they upgrade this part of the GUI).
Anyway, this tendency is part of the reason I’ve gone to using the CMC controllers.

Thanks Brihar,

Guess that means I can find the parameters to set it up for other controllers too.