Control Room for monitoring Ambisonics

Hi all,

I need to be pointed to the right direction, so I can learn to use control room, as it is needed for using the Immerse Ambisonics plug in.

So far, I have only used the Mixer Routing to output my music to Stereo 1 output. And have never used Control room. When I turn on Control Room, the monitoring gets LOUDER, because now I am listening to both my direct routing and the Control Room output. However, when I remove the direct output on each channel, now I get NO audio output. How do I route audio through the Control Room system? This is very confusing to me. Do I keep routing audio to Stereo 1, and then something else happens which allows Control Room to monitor one Stereo set of audio? Why am I hearing two feeds when I turn on Control Room? Doesn’t it take over? What am I doing wrong here?

On my Control Room, under “Audio connections”, I have the following set up:
Stereo 1 - which was what I use to monitor before. Disconnected, gets me zero audio, connected gets me double the loudness with Control Room on.
Phones - on Stereo 2 outputs.
Monitor 1 - on Stereo 1 outputs.
Metering channel - on Stereo 1 outputs.

In the Control Room tab on the right side of the Edit window, I have:

Channels: 2, left and right.
Downmix Presets: 2 Stereo and Mono.
Monitors: 1 “A” Monitor 1
Phones tab, turned on.
Main tab, turned on.
No inserts are being used.

If I stop routing to Stereo 1, I get NO sound. If I am routing to Stereo 1 at the mix console routing, and turn Control Room on, I get double the audio. LOL. I suspect this is not how this is supposed to work.

How do I set this up? I am going to read the manual, but I suspect I will not “get it.” As I am used to hardware consoles, real inputs and outputs, and no virtual stuff, other than my RedNet 2 and Dante, which I have set up 16 IO across my DAWs.


Well looked on YooToob to get some tutorials.

It is frustrating to read the Nuendo Manual, and not be able to set up the Control Room based on the manual alone.

So now, I have my Immerse plug in working (turns out you have to use their own stand alone software to register… which is not in any correspondence they sent me.) I had to see their video to correctly register the software and my right ear for their IRTF mode.

Setting up Control Room was yet another video. I guess I am not used to almost no written information being available, and only video tutorials now. I am used to manuals. Thick, thousands of pages, with every possible answer written down by the company engineers.

Now I’ll have to learn to export in Ambisonics and the listen on a third party device. Who makes anything that you can listen to Ambisonics with? I read Apple is coming out with this format in the near future. But for now, what can I use here to listen to my mixes outside Nuendo? Otherwise, Ambisonics will have to wait to see if anyone gets into it once Apple releases stuff in that format. Will it be successful? Or go the way of all the other formats like QUAD (remember that in the 1970s? I do, dad had a QUAD vinyl playback system by Pioneer or Sony, and had the 4 speakers. Almost no one released QUAD vinyl.)

I have a good friend who pioneered this type of stuff, so I am going to get in touch and learn how to mix in this format. Cheers.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This! I hate these so-called “tutorials” from the bottom of my heart. What a waste of time to watch 10 minutes of video for one line of information that could be found in an instant with Ctrl-F. :stuck_out_tongue:

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