Control Room hardware interface

Hello Everyone,

It would be really great to have a hardware interface that controls the functions of Control Room externally. Is there a plan for something between midi controller and Nuage?



I know it probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but apart from the knob you could get a USB keyboard that outputs regular key strokes and then just program the functions you need. I use my regular ergonomic qwerty keyboard, but I suppose you could maybe just get a separate numeric keypad for example. You could put that where convenient.

You could even get one that’s programmable and use macros outside of Nuendo.

Thanks for the tip. I have a Cherry spos that I purposed for editing and it is great. But something that fully utilizes CR would be ideal.

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Also not what you’re looking for, perhaps, but I was in the same boat a couple years ago with Cubase and ended up grabbing a Contour Designs Shuttle Xpress. When Steinberg adds support for shortcut keys in the Control Room, it’ll be ideal. But for now, it’s merely okay.

I have it configured to control volume and muting on three sets of monitors - mains (5.1 surround & stereo), MixCubes (stereo), and headphone amp. To pull this off, you have to delete the profile for Nuendo from the Shuttle’s config, so control passes through to your audio card’s mixer. [Otherwise, the application in focus always receives Shuttle’s input.] And, of course, your audio card’s mixer must support shortcut keys for volume and muting.

On the downside, this solution offers no visual indication of monitor volume settings. The volume controls in your audio applications are effectively bypassed - set-and-forget - at -inf. On the plus side, this means dithering always happens just once, at your audio card.

Again, in a perfect world, Nuendo’s Control Room would offer shortcut keys for selection of Monitor Groups and volume/muting. Then, you could use any hardware controller you like. #feature-request

Which functions other than the level knob is it that you want a key command for that currently doesn’t exist? I think I get access to all I want other than volume.

Avid control works well, I programmed the mix down setting, Monitor sources TB etc all on the Soft Keys page… It does come with default Monitor page but is lacking some of the Control room options