Control Room Headphone Output

Just upgraded and have been setting things up the way I want them and come across a slight problem with the control room. I have setup my main monitor outputs (1 2) and then another output to my headphones (11 12) - screen shot attached. However, when I switch to the headphone output in the control room I get it out of both my main monitors and the headphones.

Not sure what I am doing wrong but quite sure this is how I set it up in Cubase 10.5. If it helps I am using an RME Fireface UFXII as my audio interface.

Are the maina out in the ouput tab set to „not connected“? If so - Learn how to correctly setup the RME Totalmix FX.

Ignorant idiot as I do know how to use Totalmix thank you hence why I have fixed my problem.

Somehow the output of the headphone channel had been mapped to the main outputs within the RME interface, not sure how that happened but oh well. Turned to matrix view and turned it off and we are back to normal.