Control Room - How set it up with different inserts?

The available documentation, on the internet and in the manual, is not helpful, so I turn to the community for help with this: How do I set the Control Room up with different insert combinations for different channels?

I use Sonarworks for my headphones, and need an easy way to switch from speakers (without the Sworks plugin in the insert) and headphones (with the plugin in the insert).

Granted, I can (and do) use the on/off button on the insert to switch between speaker and headphone, but separate channels would be more convenient.

Please help me out.

Also: Is there any way to display both the meter view/tab and ctrl room mixer view/tab at the same time, side by side?



In the VST Connections > Studio window, add the Monitor 1 bus (this is your Speakers bus) and Phones bus. Set the Device Ports of them.

Open Control Room Mixer (or Control Room of MixConsole), and sown select Setup tab. Open Monitors panel, and set your plug-ins chain for the speakers. Open Phones panel, and set your plug-ins chain for the headphones.

Thanks, Martin. I will do that!