Control room insert question

I am calibrating my 5.1 setup. So far I’m sending -18dBFS pink to my outputs and look for 78dB(C) by adjusting levels on my RME total mix window. Works fine.
But I would prefer the RME levels to be at -20 and adjust all levels with the insert MixerDelay in nuendo.

So on the CR tab i select the Insert tab and add MixerDelay under the Main section… right (in the Pre solt)?
The monitor section above is when you want to add different plugins to different monitor setups ? (I only one monitor setup)
By adding the MixerDelay in this Main/Insert tab I’m sure i’m not burning this setting to the final bounce correct ? it’s just the monitoring ?
There’s Pre/Post slots there… I put in the Pre and made sure my MixerDelay only have negative level values (no delays just volumes)
is there a better/other way to do that ?

Control Room is monitoring only. So it won’t affect the mix.

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wonderfull thank you.