Control Room Inserts are not saved

I’m running the SoundID Reference plugin on my control room inserts - so far so good. But when Nuendo crashes, the settings of the SoundID Reference plugin always change to settings I used a long time ago. Why is this and how can I prevent this issue. Where are these old settings saved?

I’m on Nuendo 12.0.70, macOS Ventura.

Thanks in advance

Not sure about the crashes but there are 2 things you can do.

Once you have set it up how you like it. Close Nuendo. Then reopen it. (It’s possible that if you get a crash of some kinds, the settings will not have saved.

Also you can save your settings as a preset. You can save as many of these as you like. (Do it in the Settings area where you set up your CR inputs and outputs.

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@Phil_Pendlebury thanks for the hint. Maybe my old CR preset is the issue… just updated it and see what’s happening the next time Nuendo crashes. Thanks

Still suggest you close Nuendo normally once you have it set up. (Don’t wait for the crash).

btw. Do you have any specific actions that are causing the crash? (Maybe another thread for that).

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I always try to close Nuendo regularely. But sometimes it just hangs up on closing or in really big sessions.

Yes. I understand that. What I mean is, just use a blank project (so there should be no crash on exit), and setup your CR how you want it, then close Nuendo.

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