Control Room Inserts - How To Manage FX Chains Presets?

I’ve been accepting this for years now, but I’m rebuilding my monitoring setup quite often these days, that’s why I dare to ask:

How am I supposed to manage different plug-in chains on the Control Room level? I always assumed that the presets in the VST Connections would somehow take care for that, but apparently they don’t.

… please tell me that I’m missing the obvious …

What you mean exactly?
You can apply different plugins on different positions…

Thanks, that much I know. :wink: I want to manage complete FX Chains, like we can do in case of conventional track inserts:

“Plug-in A / Setting 1 > Plug-in B / Setting 2 = Chain Preset X”
“Plug-in B / Setting 15 > Plug-in B / Setting 4 = Chain Preset Y”

I make full use of all four Monitor paths, some of them 3D and surround with lots of routing issues to solve, so replacing plug-ins individually, manually, one-by-one, plus selecting the proper settings for each of them is actually no valid option (although I do it that way ATM).

Reply to myself: By solving another Control Room-related issue I found out by incident that the Control Room Presets save the Monitor-inserts, too. :sunglasses:

… not as elegant as dedicated track-chain presets (due to the fact that all monitor paths are part of those Control Room presets right now, rather than individual ones), but better than nothing.

but to save the entire setup is not a bad idea at all
improvements are still possible…