Control Room inserts post fader?

Is there any way to make the Control Room inserts pre fader? If I adjust my Control Room level it affects my metering plugins. Thx!

I think best practice is actually to meter the signal that you will eventually export, and that isn’t going to be the one in Control Room. So in other words if you have a stereo output bus that you use as your source in CR, then place a meter like Supervision on that output bus, post fader, and watch that instead. That way you know that what you end up exporting is what the meter is showing.

Where do you insert them?
On the MAIN area the Slots 1- 6 are pre and 7 & 8 are post.

Ok, makes sense. Although, wouldn’t a direct feed from my stereo output into Control Room essentially be the exact same thing? If Control Room didn’t present to me an identical representation of my stereo output then I wouldn’t use it. I’m curious why Control Room doesn’t have a Pre/Post divider on the insert section, just like the channel insert, and output insert sections. Ideally, I’d like to keep my metering plugins in the CR section so they’re always there and not project dependent.

AFAICT, the insert section in the Control Room is all Post Control Room Level, and there’s no way to change it.

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But you can turn control room down which is your monitoring level without any impact on the master volume and the levels on it. Also I use room correction software in the control room.

I’ll clarify my issue with an example. Put a metering plugin on your CR insert section. Hit playback and watch the meter dance. Now turn down your Control Room Level all the way down. Your metering plugin won’t get any audio signal even though your stereo output metering is still dancing.
It would seem the Control Room Level dial comes before the insert section in the CR signal path. I think it would be great to have to option to place it after the CR insert section, so I can use metering plugins. Unless there’s something important I’m missing here.

No. 1-6 are pre, 7+8 are post.
I tried it (in Nuendo) and it’s the same on all possible insert areas, except the monitors. There are all pre.

It doesn’t work like that in Cubase 12. [Watch this video] (Video Removed)
I put Vision 4x in slot 7 and turning down the CR Level kills the signal going into it.

Are you kidding?
I wrote two times that slot 7 and 8 is post fader and slot 1 to 6 is PRE FADER!
It’s the same on Cubase!

no, all CR slots are post fader and any plugin inserted there is not affected by CR level…

It does present you with the same thing unless you change it. That’s why I’m saying best practice is to place an essential meter at the very last point in the signal chain that you’re using as a source for an export, and the CR won’t be the place.

Understood. I really think working with templates is the way to go though. Just set one up that includes your master output and insert a meter there. That way whenever you start a new project the meter will always be available and in the correct place.

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Calm down, bruh. :roll_eyes:

Did you even watch the video?

Ya, it would seem this is the only way to guarantee accurate metering. Thanks for taking the time :+1:

I just tried it, and it’s working as I wrote.
I’m speechless!

I have seen your Video.

You might have missed the fact, that there are Inserts for the control room (Click on “Main” in control room) AND inserts for the speakers (under “Monitor” in the control room).
The Inserts for the speakers are all post Control room level ( in your Video it seems like you have supervision inserted there).
The actual control room Inserts are 1-6 pre and 7-8 post control room level.
You might want to insert supervision there in one of the first 6 Inserts to have controlroom level independant metering.


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Now there’s a first .

The control room has soo many places to insert your plugins , if you are inserting them on to your monitors ,it’s a good practice to add limiters otherwise you may cause distortion that will keep you amused for hours wondering where the hell it’s coming from :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The typical use for a control room insert is to modify the signal to match your room or the monitors as they interact with the room in some way. That’s why it’s mostly about a post fader insert. You’re adding an EQ or some other type of processing needed just for those monitors. An example would be an EQ to match the speakers to your room or I typically have the headphone match plug in running there and I turn it on and off depending on if I’m using the headphones or not.
You really want to have your meter points on the main mix bus, that’s where they matter and that’s your end product, not the Control Room output.
Typically the only other plug ins that matter about being pre or post fader, other than metering, are dynamics plug ins. And I wouldn’t really recommend putting any dynamics processing on a control room output.


I learned something about Control Room today. Thank you for the helpful and concise information. Much appreciated! :ok_hand: :star:

Yes, I won’t be using CR for metering. Good advice :+1:

But when you have more than one main mix bus?

In Nuendo there is a bus possible in CR that can send audio to a hardware metering device.
And if you choose the CR input, a pre fader (pre CR volume dial) slot for measurement, you can switch your monitor sources to the analyzers as you need it.
The idea to have metering in the CR input is not that bad at all.

I have SPAN, Sonarworks and Headphones Match inserted in the headphone output chain, three analyzers in the CR input and sometimes an EQ in the monitor outputs.
And these stay the same with every project, because they reside in the CR.

Don’t forget the saturation plugins, they’re level dependent as well.

I’m a Nuendo user as well, although I’ve never used the abilities you’ve mentioned. This is however the Cubase section of the forum and not the Nuendo section, so I assumed Cubase.
I’m not sure why or when you would want multiple main mix busses, but of course there are exceptions to every rule and you’ve found them. :slight_smile: For the vast majority of users however I think my comments still stand. But to each their own.