Control Room, Is Headphone Mix and Main Mix The Same

Does the headphone mix require a seperate head phone out from the main mix out on hardware mixing desk.
I am using my main headphone outs on my hardware mix desk,everything works fine apart from the audio output sound coming from the head phone mix in control room,
I can see the audio levels going up on in volume meter when i turn up the volume using the green knob,but there is no increase in volume through my headphones,so does this mean that the head phone mix is seperate from the main control room mix,should i just use the main control room mix for listening to the mix and musicians cues,im struggling to figure out how the head phone mix is supposed to be used
Headphone Mix

If you have a multichannel audio interface you can setup the Headphones outs via the controlroom setup in your Cubase audio connections , you can’t use the headphone outs in the controlroom unless it’s routed properly

Yes I’ve set them up so that there is no conflict with monitors or musicians cue mix,I have two headphone outs on my hardware mixer, main stereo out a auxiliary headphone out,should I be able to hear the control room head phone mix through the main stereo out headphones on my hardware mixing desk,or would I need to have a 3rd head phone output on my hard ware mixing desk fir this to work

Ok ,so you have setup your headphone OUTputs in the Control room Audio setup ? if you have the outs selected ,which iirc has to be a different pair of the main outputs then you should hear your phones if connected correctly

Carlos are you saying that I need 3 seperate head phone outputs on my hard ware mixing desk to listen to main mix,head phone mix and musicians cue,

No, you need the same number of outputs in Cubase as you have physical headphones, a one to one match. Then Control Room lets each headphone hear the main Mix or one of the Cue mixes.

Thanks Raino that clears it up,but I’m struggling to see the purpose of head phone mix when you can listen to all cues from the main mix ?

As i stated , if like me you use an RME the headphone OUTs are output 7/8 on your interface so you assign the headphones in the controlroom to output 7/8 which gives you your main mix via the headphones which allows you to disable the main monitor outs and still hear the cue mixes , if you running through your mixer ( depending on what mixer it is as you being very light on information ) this will not happen

Fantastic explanation Carlos I totally now understand what your are saying, many thanks for your time and patience ,allyupo

Oh Sorry , i wondered who were speaking to , then i remembered my name :joy:

Im not trying to be off , just point out the way the control room works . good luck sorting the issue

LOL sorry filter freq,Fantastic explanation filter freq I totally now understand what your are saying, many thanks for your time and patience ,allyupo,im losing the plot