Control Room Keycommand for Phones

I’m using CUE1 for the reference tracks, and I can switch between Mix and CUE1 with a keycommand. But this Keycommand only changes the Main monitor and I can’t find a keycommand to change the phone mix too. (If that exist I could solve it with a macro)

Any idea if this is possible?


Which Key Command do you use for this, please?

Hi! I’m using the “Pause/inter” button as sugested on Dom Sigalas’s channel.

hi…the shortcut only works with the MAIN output, Steinberg has not yet done the same to integrate it into the headphones as well …

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The remote control options (key command options) for the control room are a big shame currently. There are far too many things that cannot be controlled here. I hope this will get better with the new remote controller api/solution.
And I do hope that key commands will also become enriched.

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Thanks for reply everyone! I hope we can see solution in the future.