Control Room, Lanes, and Punching in

I was excited to purchase Cubase 6.5 and the MR816X and finally have zero latency monitoring. Everything went great for my first recording session with the new software with the exception of one gotcha.
Now that I’m using the control room for all monitoring mixes including my studio monitors, I have to activate the monitor button for each track to hear the live inputs. The problem now is trying to “punch in” when doing multiple takes using lanes on a single track. For the vocalist to hear their previous take, the track monitor button needs to be OFF, but to hear their own voice when they punch in, the track monitor button needs to be ON. I realize I could do multiple tracks for each take, but that defeats the purpose of using the lane feature which I love now for the quick comping tools. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Not sure quite what you’re wanting but, are you using tape type monitoring in the prefs?

I want to be able to auto punch in using lanes so that the vocalist can hear their previous take and sing along up to the point where they are punching in. Right now I can’t because the monitor track button needs to be in a different state for each. Off to hear the previous take, and ON to record the overdub being punched in.

Tape type monitoring will allow the monitor to be off until the punch in point then turn on when record happens.

Perfect! Thanks so much for your help.