Control Room Main Mix Red Dial Not Altering The Volume In Headphones

Within control room when i turn the (RED DIAL) volume on the main mix up and down it alters the meter levels but the volume does not go up and down in my main mix monitor headphones.
I have included how i have got input,outputs and control room set up.
Cue 1 mix fader brings volume up and down on cue 1 mix headphones and on the fader
Global meter settings are post panner and AFL is selected in the main mix.
I have a Yamaha n12 desk
In Yamaha n12 control pane
WDM Audio Routing is For Inputs
Device = n12
Ports Direct Out 1/2
Device = n12
Ports = Monitor L/R
Its got me beat,here are some photos on how ive got it set up
Advice would be appreciated, thanks

Main Mix

I’ve got it working perfectly with this control room set up,BUT i have got the Aux Selected On the Yamaha n12 Desk,im baffled as why this set up is working,it doesnt work with the DAW or Stereo buttons selected on Yamaha n12 control room

I used to own the n12 and I remember it saying somewhere that you don’t use it with the control room. The n12 has its own ad ons.

Thanks mick I’ll have a look at that,I’m going to have a right good look at the manual,what do you mean by n12 ad

The n12 comes with extensions which you install to integrate with Cubase and negates the need for the control room as the n12 acts as a control room. If you read the manual I’m sure it tells you not to use the control room in Cubase. I sold mine about 2 years ago and never used the control room because of that. By the way I loved the n12 but FireWire was becoming legacy so a got a RME. The n12 has a lovely sound. Have you loaded the sweet spot program as well?


Does it help, if you enable the Preferences > VST > Control Room > Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel option?

I’ve never come across the extensions your talking,yes I’ve installed the sweet spot it’s good,but as you point the desk is a bit dated now,time to look at something I’m thinking

Hi Martin ive tried that as well,for some reason everything works with monitor 1 com routed to my aux left and right,and cue 1 coming out monitor left and right,i do know why its working but im just going to go with it,yamama n12 is an older desk that was designed to integrate with cubase 4 i think,to be honest the hardware controls were beyond my knowledge,anyway i will go with this set until i get a newer mixing desk,thanks for your suggestion

Does the Cubase icon light up on the n12 when you open Cubase? It should do. The n12 should also show in devices. If not then you need to download and enable this.

It used to light up,I think this was before they updated the drivers,is the extensions software seperate from the the drivers,I had forgot all about that light,I’ll go on to the Yamaha site and see if I can find the software ,thanks for that

I think I’ve found what your talking about,I dont think I’ve got the version that supports windows 10,do you think I should install the updated software,it says that when this is installed you cant install the previous version,I’m sure that’s what it also said when I upgraded from the original software to the version that I have now.

I’m pretty sure this is what is installed on my pc just now,
Firmware update might be required to use this version of TOOLS for n.

  • IEEE1394 firmware V1.07 or later
  • n8/n12 firmware V1.03 or later
  • Sweet Spot Data Manager V2.0.0 or later

I was definitely using the n12 with win 10 (not 11 as I had sold it then) for quite a few years. I don’t have any of the links anymore but you should be able to find them. Try searching for Yamaha fw driver extensions tools or some combination. I’ve searched my drives and I must have deleted them on my last clean up. I know they exist out there as I had them and they worked fine with win 10

Thanks mkok,I think I have found the drivers,so I will give it a go, Does LEGACY mean that yamaha will no longer produce drivers for n12 after windows 10 ?

Actually after having a look at the n12 manual I’m a bit concerned that ifwont allow me to be able to use the control room on cubase 11 pro which is what Is more up to date for listening to different cue mixes and a/b referencing, on the other hand if I update my n12 software maybe my control room cue 1 and monitor might output correctly,difficult call with limited knowledge lol

I can’t see them producing drivers after win 10 but they may work with win 11 which us t that different. I meant FireWire is legacy meaning it’s not a current technology anymore and no one is developing for it. The n12 doesn’t need control room. It is self contained. If you can get it working with win and Cubase how it’s supposed to then it’s a great bit of kit.

Thanks mkokI see what your your saying about firewire not being a current technology,I’ll run with the n12 for a while but obviously better to update for modern technology,thanks very much for your advice,allyup

No problem. In hindsight I would have kept mine longer as it is a great peace of kit and will take some replacing.

I took the plunge and installed the new software and low and behold,the red light is coming on and its talking to cubase and the n12 desk desk is fully operational,and for me the big bonus is that the cue and monitor mix in cubase control room are sending out perfectly to the correct headphone channels on the n12,your correct, for an older desk the n12 has got a lot under the hood, finally I’ve got a result,thanks again

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Brilliant. Enjoy :blush: