control room/ master section issue

I discovered recently that in order to hear the loops and sounds in the media bay I need to turn the control room to send that signal through the “mix out” channel that is routed to my speakers.

The problem is that when the control room is turned on the signal from the control room passes through my “mix out” channel when I am composing and mixing so that the signal goes into the speakers twice, once through normal routing in the arrange window and also from the control room…

How can I fix this?

By reading the manual on how to correctl set up control room. Set the master out to “not connected”

Yes I thought about that too. The problem is that I’ve chosen my “master out” as my “main mix” channel.

When I access the control room in my “control room audio connections settings” i don’t have a choice to disconnect that channel and weh music plays through the “mix out” channel it also goes throu8gh that channel from the control room…

OK, I figured it out, I’m not sure how but it’s working.