Control Room: Metering Channel issue

@Steinberg: Is there a reason why the signal isn’t sent to the Control Room’s Metering Channel outputs when I listen to a mixer channel via “Listen [L]”-bus?

Background: I would like to switch my RME metering from the actual audio outputs (like I did up to now) to the dedicated Metering Channels, because I lose the visual feedback when I switch from my main Monitors to the alternative pairs. I use an “unrouted” channel for reference files (a.k.a. “ref-check”) all the time, but the Listening Bus doesn’t appear on the Metering Channel output.

Have you looked at the Control Room I/O page? (F4). There is an assignment for the Metering Channel there.

Exactly, that’s causing the problem I’m writing about. :slight_smile: But thanks anyway.