Control Room Metering not working properly if Direct Monitor

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Don’t know if anyone else has this problem, I only came across it because I couldn’t get a vocoder to work, as it turns out, because of direct monitoring, which was pretty obvious once I’d thought about it, However, while checking signal chains etc I noticed when talking into the mic(that I used for the Vocoder) with direct monitoring ON; even though I could hear my voice, neither the Control Room nor the Cue mix(and I could see there was signal in the booth as the headphone distribution amps led’s were going) meters were showing any movement at all. However as soon as I turned direct monitoring OFF all was fine. Is this all due to Direct Monitoring, is it an oversight on Steinbergs part, any ideas anyone, or am I doing something wrong??? Not that serious and I’d never noticed while recording cos there is always signal from cubase there!!! However :confused:

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This is by design. :wink:
Check the Cubase Manual Pg. 18 “About Monitoring”
Also check the Block schematics and signal flow in the UR Manual.
Remember too, depending on the recording mode you’re using, you may have to additionally engage the Monitor button on the specific track.