Control Room Meters

I did some searches both here and in the knowledge base and could not find any references to my problem.

I have no idea why and don’t care just want to be able to get my control room meters working again. The control room signal meter is working fine and that’s the only one working. The other meters show their windows but are not showing any signal; even the loudness meter with the on button “on” and … NOTHING. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a saved project or creating a new one - Nothing! All the mixer meters work. So what’s up?

Any ideas as to how to track and fix the problem??? Really cramping my workflow.

Thanks ahead of time!

Never heard that problem before. Perhap a re-install of the software?

I am experiencing the same issue - Have re-installed the software but the issue remains.
I am running Cubase on a Windows 7 machine. I will try to do a system restore to a point before the latest OS update.
I will also try to revert to an earlier version of Java

Any other ideas?

Just to be certain, we’re not talking about forgetting to activate the loudness meter with the leftmost button are we ?

Correct - all seems to be activated - just no signal displayed

Can’t check here at the moment but do have the main monitors defined in the VST connections Outputs, albeit “not connected” ? Then do you have this output defined as default (little red speaker symbol)?

I added a third party loudness meter vst and this is working fine, however the native meter is not displaying any signal or time count.