Control room, microphone latency. HELP!!!

Good afternoon Dear Sirs! My Problem: Cubase 10 - control room - microphone latency during listening, small, but it is there and it is impossible to work. Everything is made correctly. Everything is written as a manual, but the latency does not disappear! Direct monitoring is “on”.Sound from the microphone input appears IMMEDIATELY after Cubase is turned on, even if no audio tracks are created, and immediately goes with a latency. What to do? I Tried almost everything, i created double channels etc.However, When working without a control room, there is no latency! There is a direct monitoring!MOTU 896mk3 FireWire sound card. Help please? Maybe someone like that? Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Are you sure you are listening thru the direct monitoring only? Or do you hear the sound doubled (once from the Direct monitoring and second time thru Cubase)?

It is solved. Download from the MOTU “AUDIODESK”, installed the program, and it installed its drivers. The delay was gone. All thanks