Control Room missing GUI

This was an issue on 9.5 and has persisted with 10 where by most of the panel of the Control Room is blank. Clicking over to another tab and back fixes it until the next project is loaded.

R9 270X video card Win 7 x64.


Have you tried to trash Cubase preferences, please (now both, Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10, otherwise Cubase 10 would inherit it from probably already corrupted Cubase 9.5 preferences; Male even Cubase 9 preferences, if you have some). I cannot reproduce your issue on my side.

I see this, too, and I have no preferences saved from C9.5 that I can recall.

I have the same problem running cubase 11.
All Gui Disappeared from control room cues.
Opening the project in cubase 10 returns all functionality to the control room as expected.

Hi there.
Did you try deleting preferences for all versions of Cubase installed on your machine?


This eventually got fixed for me but can’t remember when. Maybe it was 10.5. I’m on 11 now and it’s ok.