Control Room Mix Knob...


Just starting to understand the greatness of Control Room but there’s something that I can’t do that I can do with all faders in C Pro 8.

When I use the Mix Knob and decide I want to Reset the CR Knob and put it back to 0db, I either have to double click with Mouse and type 0db, OR use the Mouse and drag the Knob to 0db.

Now, when I want to reset a fader (including Master Fader) I just press and Hold Ctrl and then click once with the Mouse. How come I can’t do the same with the Control Room Mix Knob (unless I’m missing something of course)?

I know it’s only a small thing but it saves time and adds more consistency to the DAW.




it works in the older versions, they broke it in v7.

Ctrl (Win) or Cmd (Mac) clicking at the top of the Mix control will reset it to the reference level that’s defined in File/Preferences/VST/Control Room (Win) or Cubase Pro/Preferences/VST/Control Room (Mac). Set the reference level to zero (it as -20 by default on my Mac) and you can do what you want.

At least it works that way on OS 10.9.5. If it’s not working on PC (I’ve not updated to 8 on the Win machine yet) then it’s a bug/issue.

Works here on PC :wink:

Not working here, on PC.