Control room mixer in lower zone in C9?

Is it possible to have the control room mixer inside of the lower zone?

I was wondering this too, along with how to set up the left/right/float zones and view/hide channels, ie the visibility/zones options


The “Master Meter” is not available in the new lower zone MixConsole.

Maybe you can list you ideas here… :wink:

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The MixConsole implementation in the Lower Zone is terrible. A complete clickfest with important workflow features missing.

It’s actually quicker to open the main MixConsole and use that, which sort of defeats its purpose.

I had suggested that it be a tab option for the Right Zone as well. Seems like the ideal place for it.

Yes, that’s a good idea.

Yep I’m thinking the same which is a shame. You can’t show the meter/control room and the visible faders are linked to visibility of the tracks in the project window. Plus I can’t see a way of hiding the hardware in/out channels. All in all it’s a good idea but they should have just docked the current mixer rather than come up with a whole new one. Don’t Steinberg ask for feedback and opinions from regular users before they implement stuff ?


totally agree. I am extremely disappointed with cubase 9. I upgraded mostly for the improvements in the work flow and interface, especially the docked window system, and I am very quickly realizing that as they are they offer no improvement AT ALL. I really cannot believe how shortsighted so many things are.

The idea as good, but they really need to re-think a few obvious things in the docked system. Like being able to have control room, inserts/sends and faders all visible AT THE SAME TIME, and having options to dock different things in the right zone (like the control mixer/control room)

PLEASE Steiberg, please!

Like in the main mixer, there is a box to control what is seen in the docked mixer. I was frustrated with seeing my inputs in the docked mixer.


+1 to the Control Room “Tab” option idea.


I would like this added too.

I would like to be able to zoom the mixer, too (cf. the mix console). As it is, the lower zone mixer channels seem to be fixed size.


Horizontally? You can zoom to make the Lower Zone MixConsole channels narrower or wider using zoom key commands when it has focus.

Control room deserves it’s own tab I would agree, but EVERYTHING in the lower window, at the same time, in the same tab would no longer be a lower window, but a full screen :wink: hence the tabs :wink: it’s designed with roughly 1/3 of the screen estate in mind, if you want everything, you can just f3 and still have your docked controlroom / meter in there?

Studio One and Logic manage perfectly well having all mixer functionality in their implementations of the ‘Lower Zone’.

All Cubase needed was the mixer in the Lower Zone to have options for the user to display which features they wanted, rather have three separate windows within a window. Which is a complete workflow killer.

On top of that, having no access to routing without opening the main MixConsole is baffling.

You have access to routing in the inspector?
It’s a deliberate design choice not to do a full mixer with a scrollbar in the lower panel. Very logical.
If you don’t like it, go S1?
Keyboard shortcuts are good, more mouse scrolling bad…

+1 for the Control Room “Tab” option.

Yes control room tab would be great!

Really? I tried that the other day, nothing happened. Will have a look again. Thanks.


A big thumbs up for this one. It was one of the first thing I thought of when I opened up C9.