Control Room Mixer Not Working

Hi, I’m using Cubase 8.5 and, since a few days, my control room mixer meter bridge stopped working…

I re-configured it again and nothing. The signal arrives to the main stereo output, and it also arrives to the control room mix, but the built-in loudness meter and the k-system meters not even move!!

Any answers? I’m feeling quite disappointed these days with the DAW


I’m having a problem too with the horizontal meters in the control room. They show no signal except for a small vertical line that goes green when the signal is loud enough, right near the peak section.

This happens on both my desktop and laptop installations.

I can confirm this.

Same here (thought it was just me :unamused: ).

Same here

Thanks, good to know not just me.

So… Has anybody found any solution to these?? I’m still trying to work it out… :unamused:

This is an old thread, please make sure that the latest maintenance updates for your program version have been installed:

Cubase Pro 8:
Cubase Pro 8.5:

Horizontal Metering in the Control Room still is not working in C8.5.20
I personally don’t bother as i don’t need this meterings anyways
control room.png