control room mixer question

i messed around with the control room mixer, and had to add a headphone buss to send to my sub, using audio kontrol 1, now when i load a new project the main monitor outs are not set to 1/2 and i have to reset them now every time i start a new project, am i missing something here?

Try making a Template with it set up the way you want and use that.

ok so i just overwrite the diffrent templates. it was just strange when i loaded cubase and loaded a empty project no sound was coming out of the mediabay, chan 1/2 was not set anymore. still just trying to wrap my head around how things are handled in cubase, i also didnt realize i had adjusted some settings in the “mix convert control room” and changed the width of the channels.

Most subs in a stereo set up allow you to connect the stereo out to the sub then run the main monitors from connections on the sub, The sub will have the correct crossover and mono summing and pass the correct signal to your main monitors. Thus negating the setup you’re trying to accomplish!

What is the make and model of your sub?

ya your right, im trying to avoid going to get new cables, im testing a prototype of some studio monitors right now, 7k for the pair, i just didnt have a pair of rca to xlr, so was trying to send main outs 3/4 to sub.

split are you trying to say that once i add an extra buss to the control room mixer that every template before this becomes ruined, and you go through and endless cycle of having to reload busses, so im forced to set up a blank N ew template or custom one and use that only? i cant use the default ones anymore, i dont understand why cubase does this.

Tell you the truth… I don’t really know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks i appreciate that. From what i can gather that is the case, i dont mind setting up new themes, just really threw me a curve ball.

I really can’t understand the value of the Control Room. When I record, I go out the 6 live auxs on my board. Everybody gets what they want without latency - and I can feed channels or stereo out (mono typically) from the DAW back to all 6 auxs at the same time for reference (slight latency here on my DAW). On the other hand, when I look at the Control Room, honestly, it looks like a latency ridden rat’s nest version of what I can do without it. Way intricate with detailed results that don’t amount to much, IMO.

I have tried to invision an environment where the Control Room excells and all I can come up with is maybe the surround sound mixdown controls. But I am never going to mixdown anything in SS. I’ll send my important mixes out to get mastered and I sure am not making movies. Eh, and maybe there are some movie people using Cubase? Wow, you go guys.

Or is it possible that there are keyboard oriented home studios with 6 guys sitting around on keyboards making music? I doubt it. But yeah, the midi guys in general could find it exciting because their sounds are typically DAW generated, I suppose. Eh, so maybe this is who really benifits from the Control Room? Anybody?

When you use the Control Room, your 1/2 Main Outs from the output busses are ‘hijacked’ and deactivated. Cannot recall why, but I’m pretty sure I read an explanation in the manual. If you reset those busses, you won’t hear media bay. You need to go totally through the Control Room … where media bay sound will miraculously reappear.

I don’t have a mixing board … just my RME Multiface and a Mackie Big Knob. I use the Control Room to send submixes and click for headphone monitors to singer, guitarist, etc., for tracking … with or without monitoring of instant performance.

Running no VST/ VSTi, I can record at 64 sample buffer … about 3ms … and get satisfied performers and good results.

The Control Room is a bigger than average ‘get your head around it’ and I often have to rereference the manual for setups … but if you don’t have a mixing board with aux busses, it is a solution for tracking.


ya the way u described como how it “hijacks” the outputs is correct, and hard to explain to my lil brother who comes over to the studio and records from time to time, he doesnt know about vst connections/studio/control room mixer, so it makes it difficult for him, even he was like, i could get sound from media bay, and i said ohh thats because i set up the control room mixer, so now every time u load a new project you have to reset he main outs to hear…the metronome, and the mediabay.

mr roos, i feel you, im not sure why steinberg has set this up, like a “back door” to setting up routing for your external outputs, is there a way to turn the control room mixer off once you activate it?

Yeah, disable it by hitting the control button next to the words ‘Control Room’ in the ‘Studio’ tab in VST Connections.

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