Control Room mixer: where do I find the "Listen Dim" level?

I’m trying to find this
Listen Dim.jpg
but I can’t figure out a way to make these visible in the Control Room Mixer. On my other system I finally got them to show by accident, but I can’t figure it out. It feels like a glitch or a bug.

What used to look like a widget that you could click on in the Control Room panel, is now actually the “Main” header itself… but, you can still click on it to expand its contents…
Control Room Expand.jpg

Oh my god thank you. Overall I found the new GUI very easy to learn and adapt to, but holy shit I was completely stuck trying to figure out how to make this appear. It’s not mentioned anywhere in the main PDF user manual, and you don’t get any prompts that it is located there.

Not the most intuitive interface to figure out in the beginning.
Those Tab’s can be confusing sometimes, but I guess this is the price for cramming as much into an oddly shaped window as possible.

I never understood why it got changed from 8.5… it’s not even as if the new version takes up any less space… on the contrary, I think :confused: :slight_smile: