Control Room mixer with Controller

Can the Control Room mixer be controller via midi controller. I have a Novation Nocturn and the Control Room mixer does not come in focus with Automap nor does it seem to work the Novation’s learn function. Is it possible to control this? What am I missing>

You need to configure the Generic Remote.

I was hoping there was another way. I’ve not had good results using GR. Actually I did try but I wasn’t not successful. I need to take another look at the midi settings on the Nocturn. GR is not reading the output for the learn function. I will take another look at it.

I still must be missing something. Why would I have to use GR. I can control anything, I think, in Cubase with the learn feature on the Nocturn, even if it’s Automapped. I can reassign if I don’t like the setup. Why is the Control Room Mixer different?

General Remote’s a piece of cake. Did you select your device as the input?

Yes, I’ve tried that. Doesn’t work. Again I can go to the main mixer and add or change controls, no problem.

GR is where Control Room can be automated. You have to add lines routed to those controls.

Ok, so I got the GR to recognize the controller and control functions of the Control Room. I save the map on the Nocturn and save the project I’m working on. When I go back in the mappings on the Nocturn are still set but GR looses the mappings back to the default. I’ve done this twice, with about 20 mappings, Grrrrrrr.
I actually want this to be global not just for this specific project. What am I doing wrong. Why won’t it save my configuration? Is there a preference I’m missing?