Control Room Monitor in Hardware

Hi again,

Still trying to figure out where to go for an update and lately I’ve been struggling with mucking about with a mouse, while recording vocalists. Is there some hardware that will emulate the Control Room Mixer, the Transport, the perhaps the Markers window? Perhaps has a built in mic with a talk-back button so I can work quickly with singers to do overdubs?

It seems like most controllers are focused on mixing. By the time I am finished recording the mix is already done!

Any ideas on a hardware controller that performs these basic recording functions would be great… much appreciated.




I’m not aware of. What about to use Key Commands? Wouldn’t this work for you?

Thanks Martin for your reply…

I have a hard time with Key Commands - mainly because most immediate commands are all taken, and I have given up stuff like “CONTROL-SHIFT-F9”. It’s why I’m looking at some hardware controller with at button that says “TB”

That’s just an example key of course - more would be needed to handle overdub workflows of live singing.


You can overwrite the factory Key Commands.

I’m not aware of this kind of controller. But you can use any MIDI Controller and assign the buttons/sliders/knobs to the functions, you need, by using Generic Remote Device.