Control Room - Monitor Inserts?

Not necessarily.

How come?

Because you might not have selected the monitor whose insert you want to check. Or you might have been on the “mixer tab” before you switched to the meter tab.

Great post Fredo. Exactly what I was thinking!

We are getting old. I gave it a couple of days and adopted, now I actually love some aspects of it.

One of them is that we have the potential to gain more wisdom at our age. :smiley:

At the same time I am crazy and finish a mix of a TV show in N6. It’s on in 2 weeks and it was edited in N5.1, so if N6 crashes the whole thing on me, it will only cost a day to redo it in N5. There are plenty of things I love from loudness track and meters to +12 dB fader gain on the artist controls, search function for automation lanes parameters, 6 bands on the EQ, FFT display in the EQ, ASIO guard, channel strips.

Oh, and I have done a scene of ADR with it and that is just absolutely great.

I REALLY like the fact that the new smaller CR mixer toggles it’s screen space with the meters!
That way it has now gained a default place on my monitor and is never cluttered by other windows. I guess that this can potentially speed up my workflow during a session with clients. Given that I am either tracking OR mixing for MY workflow this is actually a plus. To observe such a thing and implement it in a way that will nudge users to a better workflow while allowing other workflows (have CR and meters open at the same time) proves some deep thinking about these topics from product planning.

So, why not give it a couple of days more and see if you can adopt to it.


+1 to Searchfunctions, 12dBgain (although it is not implemented in their MCUprotocol) and FFT in EQ

But: This “6BandEQ” is absolutely jokey to me. HC/LC do not show up in the EQ-curve, these tiny sliders are hard to control, always some hidden buttons appear, no remote-support, and the slope is not changable! How should anybody do mixes in a pro-software with a fixed EQ-slope? I think I have to stay on Oxfords 7Band-EQ…

Yeah, I see that.
But in the new CR you can keep more sections open, and you see meters also when in setup mode (plugins mode).

Then you can open the stand alone CR window and select the meters there. That wasn’t possible earlier.


What sections am I able to keep open that I wouldn’t see in the old version? You mean meters and inserts? Only inserts for the selected monitor path though, right?

It wasn’t possible earlier and I would argue it wasn’t needed either, because you already got a lot of feedback. If I understand you correctly though what you’re saying is that I can use the CR pane in the mixer and have it set to one tab, and then open up another window of CR and set that to the other tab, right? From a UI standpoint that pretty not good looking. The same task (controlling control room signals) broken up into two different windows. And still potentially having to tab through one of them.

While I appreciate that some like the dockable pane - I do myself actually - I think taking away the option of having a mixer-gui separate version is a bad decision and left with the new one we’re left with a step back as far as the gui goes.


It was always only possible to see inserts for the chosen monitor. So that is the same now.
But you can see meters for the monitor also. (You earlier of course, but only the small one next to the fader.

You can open multiple sections in the new CR with alt/cmd/ctrl clicks.

You can have the cr/meter section in the mixconsole set to meters, and the stand alone cr/meter window set to CR, or another type of master meters.

You can also open and configure several mixers with different views. You can even link mixers.

Give it some time, I’m sure it’ll grow on you. There are sure room for improvements, the mixconsole is V1.0 :slight_smile:


Gotta say, after having logged a good chunk of hours on N6, and getting more familiar with the new setup, I’m feeling much the same. Though less skeuomorphic than the rest of the mixer, the CR is feeling more elegant to me than before.