Control room monitoring (Nuendo like)

Any news about a control room monitoring in Wavelab?


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Sound Restor

Perhaps the lack of response reflects that fact that WL is essentially designed as a mastering application.

There isn’t a ‘control room’ in a mastering environment and it follows that … unless I’m missing something … there probably just isn’t the need for this in that context.

I wouldn’t mind a Control Room, or real Input and Output mixers. It would make a lot of things much easier.

I think what might be meant here is for those who want to use something like the ARC plugin without it affecting the meter reading output.

I have found a solution for this, if you have a RME soundcard. I open Wavelab and choose 3-4 as output (my monitors are connected to 1-2). In the total mix I rout the 3-4 output to the 1-2 input of the RME. The cool thing is that you can do that without any cable, internally without DA-AD conversion (maybe it is possible also with other soundcard, I don’t know). Than I open a little program, I don’t remember the name, a vst host. I load ARC, choose 1-2 as input and 1-2 as output. Done. I can use ARC and the Wavelab meters.
Sorry, hijacked the topic.

Exactly, I would very much welcome the same possibility I have with Control Room (Cubase) in WaveLab.
Is this (or any other solution) considered for WaveLab 8?

I would like to vote for at least the ability to have a couple of plugin slots JUST for monitoring (not in the rendering chain). I use that capability in Cubase / Nuendo to load up Toneboosters Isone binaural simulator when I use my headphones.