Control Room - Multiple Monitors

Hi All,

I have 3 sets of monitors setup in my Control Room, 2 sets are in my mix room & 1 set is in my live room. I can independently select the monitors I want to use, but how can I have 1 set of monitors on in my mix room & have the live room monitors on at the same time?

Is it also possible to have cue mixes to the live room monitors, rather than just headphones?

I have a keyboard who prefers to use speakers rather than headphones…

I didn’t use to have a problem with my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 setup, but have now moved to a Presonus Quantum setup, so am trying to utilise the Control Room.

Thank you for your help,


Hi and welcome,

You can route the signal from the Stereo Out to the “live room monitor”, or you can add other but Monitor bus. For example Headphones or Cue.

Thank you Martin, is it not possible to have two monitor outputs active at the same time in the CR?



No, you can’t.

Thanks Martin,

At least I know