Control Room no longer has sound

I’ve got a weird problem that seems to have started completely randomly. I’ve been using Control Room for ages with no issues but today I loaded it up and no sound is coming out. If I re route to just the output I get sound, but put the outs back to Control Room and nothing.

Can anyone advise on what the issue may be? Couple of screenshots below. It feels like it’s going to be something very obvious but I can’t find anything obvious wrong.

Soundcard is a Steinberg UR22C

Sound is coming to the meter before Control Room but nothing past that.

Have you got a Listen button activated anywhere?

Hi Parrotspain, thanks for your reply.

I don’t think so, would this show highlighted if I did?

To expand:- I’ve also tried this with a completely empty track and just loaded up a single sample.

Just solved it. For some reason one of my plugins has become un-registered and rather than doing the classic bit of silence every now and again it completely cuts is off. It’s a plugin I use on the CR inserts so was cutting everything. Thanks for responding @Parrotspain ! I’ll leave this post here for the next dinlow to have this issue.

Clearly don’t take after my forum handle. lol

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Oh, I have had that situation! I couldn’t see your inserts, so it didn’t occur to me. Glad you solved it.

I’ve never come across one that did full and constant silence! Lol. What was even more annoying was that it’s a free plugin! :joy: