Control Room not outputting anything to monitors in CB11

Hi all

I have this weird issue

  1. I updated to window 10 1909 due to the fact that my new mainboard required some updates in that version to properly shut down
  2. Due to that I had to update my Focusrite Scarlett driver

So what happens now:
Cubase saw the new driver and hence reset my setting for my outputs. I tried to set them up again as I had before. MON 1/ MON 2 (first 2 outputs of the scarlet) to my monitors and CUE 1 & Cue 2 to output 7/8 and 9/10 (headphone).

Now strangely enough: There is nothing being routed to the main monitors (the cue mix for both cue / mix settings + talkback work fine) But the selected monitor set is not getting any output.

When I don’t enable those 2 in the control room, but set them up as the stereo out in outputs, that does give me output. It is like the stereo bus is not being mixed to the control room.

Any ideas from anyone?

kind regards

Probably a configuration problem. But without being able to see your configuration it is difficult to speculate on what that might be. Perhaps a few screen shots might be useful?