Control Room Output not loading

When I load a saved project, often the control room outputs do not load with it. I have to go into VST connections/Studio and activate my output. Anyone have this problems and if so is there a solution.


This can happen if you use more than one sound device to audition you audio. Although the control room settings are saved with the file, these may be lost if you have altered your audio settings in another project. In my case I have a MOTU 828 that I usually use, but I also use my MOTIF XF7 as a sound output if I’m using it on some projects. If you open a project with the wrong device in use, then the audio output assignments are lost and have to be manually re-connected. Don’t know if this will help your case…

I’ve also seen this happen sometimes after opening an older project. Creating a preset in VST Connections helps minimize the impact when this occurs.

I only use one interface the Steinberg MR816X. It may be possible that I moved from one project to another with different settings. It’s more likely the input setting are different rather than the output, but I’ll keep an eye no that.


It may also be that you loaded the project before you turned the MR on. This has happened to me a couple of times.

Also, make a preset in the VST connections of your set-up. Then it will take just a couple of seconds to restore your settings.

The same situation. One interface, the same new project ( 8.0.10 / 64bit) and Control Room main out “Not Connected”… sometimes. Not always. BTW. Do You know where to send .dmp files of Cubase? Is there any tech support?

Ditto. I only use one interface (MOTU 828 mkii) and occasionally experience the “Not Connected” problem. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious pattern.

But as others have suggested, my work around was to create a template to allow me to quickly set the correct routings. In fact, I’ve created several different Control Room templates with different sets of effects and analysis tools so that I can quickly set it up in different ‘modes’: record mode (no plugins); analysis mode (spectrum analyzer, phase meter, etc.) mastering mode (multiband compressor, maximizer, etc.). Initially I tried running with all these plugins loaded all the time, but I quickly realized that some of them (notably the multiband compressor) increased VST instrument latency (via MIDI keyboard) to the point where it was affecting my (already pathetic) playing.

I have this issue as well with only one audio interface…!