Control room overview in Cubase 9.5

Can somebody tell me where is control room overview in Cubase 9.5, please? In Cubase 7 it’s in the Devices menu.


Look in the Studio menu.

Regards :sunglasses:

I know that Devices menu was replaced by Studio Menu. But I`am not loking for Control Room panel but Control Room overview - the diagram in Devices menu available in C7.

Yeah I wondered this as well why they got rid of it, I found it very handy and it was great for teaching students too since you could see and hear what it did. I like the option for the old Cue monitors as well. The new view in Cubase 9 was nice but both would be better. They tried to hide too much stuff with things that don’t look like clicks in 9 and up like the PFL and solo level.