Control Room Overview... what does it do?

Hello Folks,

Whats the Control Room Overview?

Found in Devices > Control Room Overview.

I noticed its got some “Green squares” that when pressed, change the state of some buttons on the Control Room Mixer. But Im not sure how it works. I couldnt find anything about this screen on the Operation Manual either.

However, I found something Interesting. Apparently you can turn off the listen bus separately and just have it affect a monitor channel of the cue mixes. However, after pressing the button, it didnt have any effect on the Cue Mixes.

Can anyone provide info on this screen?
A PDF maybe?


it is a schematic wiring flow diagram showing how the signals are routed in the control room environment. if you click buttons on/off in the control room, then in control room overview, the changes are shown or highlighted in the schematic. its a more. technical and accurate way to see exactly what changes you are making, and if things are not working, you can trace the signals and find out where its going wrong.

I am an electrician as well as a sound engineer, and I found it very useful.

hope that helps you.