control room panning

Is there a way to make it so that my four headphone mixes in my control room will always follow the panning changes I make in my individual mixer channels. I don’t want to have to reprogram the studio send every time i make a change in that mixer channel?

Right click in Control Room: “All Studios/Use current Pan settings”.


The problem is that each time I modify my pan settings in my mixer I need to repeat that function for my studio sends.

The volume on the studio sends corresponds with the mixer volume so that once you pick a level for your studio send, the volume of the mixer fader will affect the overall outcome.

I’d like that for panning as well so that I don’t have to perform two steps every time I make a change.

Is it correct that you want the studio sends to be an exact copy of the main mix? At all times?
Or did I misunderstand you?


Yes, I would like the studio sends to follow the moves i make with the mixer and for the panning settings to always be an exact copy.

Then just send your “mix” signal to the headphones.


I like the option of separate headphone mixes.

I can pick a singular level for all of the channels’ headphone sends for all of the channels at once by “enable studio sends” in my control room mixer and thereby start out by representing the mix i am listening to on the mains.

When the bass player asks me to turn up the bass, i can go in to his particular headphone mix and and bring the volume up on his studio send. The mix volume the bass player hears is a combination of my main mix level and how I modify it in his studio send.

It would be nice if the panning could follow suit in some fashion.

Which makes the point that there is no inbetween.
As soon as you are making a modification to the headphone mix, then there is no relation with the main mix anymore; and vice versa. You can bring up that the volumes need to be unlocked and only the panning stays locked to the main mix, but implementing all these variables is a little bit overdone IMO …
But that is only my opinion …

Is there a reason why you are using extensive panning in the headphone mix?
Just curious, 'cause panning is something I have always avoided in cans.


Yesterday a guitarist was in. He would play a rhythm part and maybe a second rhythm part before performing the melody and solos. I would pan the rhythm parts away from each other so that he could hear what he was doing. At that point I needed to pan each part twice, once for the headphone mix and once for my mix.

It might not sound like such a big deal but we had 10 songs to get through as efficiently as possible because I was paying the guitarist by the hour. Being that he is a good sight reader and could instantly learn the parts, it was wasted time whenever I had to adjust his panning.

A function that would tie the mixer channel with the corresponding studio send (or at least some added shortcuts for the control room) would save some time.

I thing that what you want/need is the ablility to lock (link) pan and/or volume independantly to the main mix.
Because linking them both would be the same as sending the main mix to the headphones.

As far as I understood the problem, you want to start with the main mix, then make volume adjustments independantly of the main mix, and having panning changes following your main mix.

Having keycommands for “All Studios/Use current Pan settings” would be a good solution too IMO.


Thanks, Fredo.

That puts it in a nutshell quite nicely.

This would be a good feature request for a future update.