Control Room plugins in Mixer view

Hey guys how do I view my Control Room plugins in the mixer view? (i.e. F3).

I always use these plugins on control room;

  • Tonal Balance Control 2
  • Youlean Loudness Meter
    to be able to monitor the tonal balance & LUFS of my mix

You have 4 icons in the top right corner of the Mixer window. Click the one I marked on the picture. It will open the same Control Room window as in the arrangement view.

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is it better to have these plugins in the control room or on the master bus (i.e. “Stereo Out”)
if Im rendering something to mp3 or .wav does the control room plugins have an affect on the master bus?

I keep them in the Control Room. It’s more convenient than turning them off for every single render. Control Room is not affecting renders at all which is great.

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ok cool - also when im playing something from media bay it doesnt come out of my studio monitors. is there something in control room that I need to do?